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Goth Teenagers, Depression and the Bristol Study

By now, some of you may have heard me speaking on BBC Newcastle radio (21:00), or even the Today Programme on BBC Radio Four (48:00). You might have heard Sylvia from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, on BBC Scotland radio or … Continue reading

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Depression amongst Goth Teenagers?

Good morning and welcome to The Blogging Goth! I’m currently at BBC Newcastle, in between interviews about a new study highlighting elevated numbers of depression amongst 14-18 year olds identifying as Goth. I’ll be publishing a proper response later today, … Continue reading

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Sylvia Lancaster at Darkness and Light in Manchester

Days ahead of the eight year anniversary of the murder of Sophie Lancaster, her mother is repeating her plea for the law to classify subculture crimes as an official strand of hate crime. Sylvia Lancaster – whose daughter was murdered … Continue reading

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Scene of the Dead: Black Lipstick and Recycling

You can read a fantastic history of black lipstick here, that addresses its origins from Pharaoh’s Egypt through Maori culture and Hollywood’s genesis, to the early Punk and Goth scenes where it gained a foothold as a staple of appearance … Continue reading

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American Gothic: PRAYERS and the new sound of Cholo Goth

Several articles, interviews and videos have recently appeared around PRAYERS, a duo in San Diego that fuse the diametrically opposed sounds of early Goth and cholo gang culture. Singer Leafar Seyer cites influences like Joy Division, has handpainted images of … Continue reading

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