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Reformation: Rose Of Avalanche

It’s my delight to be conversing over email with founder guitarist Paul James Berry, bassist Allan Davis and guitarist Glenn Schultz, as they announce the return of Rose Of Avalanche at the leading UK alternative festival, Tomorrow’s Ghosts… Continue reading

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“I can only receive” – Gary Numan, ‘Cars’ 21/08/79

I caught a snippet of music  that was originally released on 21st August 1979, but now it was on an unlikely advert playing when I was just eleven… Continue reading

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Bela Lugosi’s (still) Dead: 1979 – 2019

Nine and a half minutes of exploratory, indulgent and spine-tingling music courtesy of the most recognizable post-punks going – the Bauhaus anthem “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” was released this day exactly forty years ago.  Continue reading

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