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buzzfeed goth wars

Buzzfeed sent a journalist to cover the launch of a new festival in Whitby for goths, and interviewed The Blogging Goth whilst there! I’m in my finest John le Carré mode, as befits your goth correspondent (and football commentator as well!)


the guardian mature goths


The Guardian this year wanted to profile a variety of goths in the UK, especially those who were mature adults these days – I was able to put them in touch with several unique individuals!

metro WGD 2018


I appreciate any journalist who gives as much space as possible to those who have slightly more of a clue about this weird old subculture we’re in. Thanks to Alice Wright of The Metro who interviewed me and a few other old hands for World Goth Day 2018.



Independent WGD 2017

In our busy calendars, World Goth Day is always a highlight – and a curse – as the media fills space by musing, usually negatively, on the subculture. Credit to this writer who spoke of her own relationship with the scene, as well as interviewing some familiar faces… and me!