This is the calendar of upcoming events The Blogging Goth will be attending, or strongly recommends you attend!

I’m available as an experienced public speaker on goth culture, history and music. Please visit my Contact page for more information.



Goth City: PAX GOTHICA, 11th – 19th October 2019, Leeds, UK 

A vibrant and rambunctious celebration of the scene, in our spiritual home of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Helmed and heralded by the ubiquitous Joel Heyes, Goth City festival is now into its fourth energetic, charity-supporting year. Boasting a crammed schedule of music, performances, clubbing and socialising, I’ll be there to see this sprawling, scintillating event once again!



tomorrows ghosts nov 2019Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival: 1st – 3rd November 2019, Whitby, UK

Boasting a lineup of classic talent and exciting newcomers, Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival continues to be an exciting addition to the live music entertainment in the stalwart festival town. April was an absolute blast and a sell-out show so I’m holding high hopes for the post-Halloween season!






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