Trek Transylvania, and help drac-cats!

Some stereotypes are just true, and I am confident many of my readers are as passionate about cats as much as they are about the myth of Dracula! But how about long walks and healthy exercise in the shadow of the Count’s ancestral home?

The mountains of Transylvania
The mountains of Transylvania
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“Hate Crime in the North” – Sophie Lancaster’s murder and the changes that followed, in discussion

A Yorkshire-based charity, dedicated to tackling the deeply set prejudices and intolerances that are prevalent across our local communities, is about to launch a series of ‘Changing Perspectives’ events aimed at highlighting how historical atrocities, such as The Holocaust are relevant to societal issues we face today.

The organisation running the events, The Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre in Huddersfield, was set up in 2018 by Leeds based charity, Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association (HSFA) in partnership with the University of Huddersfield. 

Launching the series with an event on hate crime in the north, the centre will be joined by well-known public figures including, Dr Sylvia Lancaster OBE, mother of murdered Sophie Lancaster and advisor for the Government’s Independent Advisory Group for Hate Crime. The event will explore how Sophie’s murder led to political and social change.

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Visiting the Glasgow Necropolis

How do you celebrate your birthday? Jelly and ice-cream? Heavy session at the pub? Candlelit meal for two?

How about a guided tour of a vast cemetery, housing 50,000 dead on a prominent hill overlooking Glasgow? Every visit I’ve made to this fine city has been capped with a visit to the Père Lachaise of Scotland, but the delectable Dr. C had never had the pleasure before – so I arranged a visit with the helpful folk at Friends of Glasgow Necropolis and was lucky enough to secure two places on their very first tour, on the very first day they reopened after COVID lockdown.

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Olli Wisdom, singer with Specimen and founder of the Batcave (1958-2021)

This morning, it was reported by Trancentral TV that Olli Wisdom of psychedlic trance outfit Space Tribe had passed away. He was better known in our subculture as not only the lead singer of pioneering goth/glam/punk band Specimen, but also the co-founder of the Batcave club night in 1982, setting the template for the burgeoning goth scene’s sound and style.

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The Vlogging Goth – Updates on YouTube

Good morning readers, and apologies for the lack of updates recently. I had a vague plan to update monthly if not more often, but between a new job and various home upgrades, not to mention the devastating effects of a worldwide lockdown have all been massive obstacles.

One happy break in this ponderous routine was Record Store Day on July 18. Like many other old goths, I made all haste for my local stockists – Beyond Vinyl of Newcastle – to pick up my first ever brand new vinyl by The Sisters of Mercy.

It was such a revolutionary experience, it inspired me to record a short, light-hearted video for YouTube. It was an uphill struggle as I am very unfamiliar with the editor, not using a script and battling temperatures in the upper twenties.

Nevertheless, as a bit of fun commentary and discussion, I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be considering other topics to record, so let me know in the comments what you’d like to see me comment on and of course feel free to subscribe!

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