Goth Weekend at Live Theatre, Newcastle

Firstly I must thank the staff of Live Theatre for their generous invite to come and watch Goth Weekend, a clever comedy about a family in the North split down subcultural lines! Following the performance on October 19th, I’ll be joining Dr Claire Nally of Northumbria University for a discussion and Q&A about the goth subculture, so please do join us. It should be recorded and made available online after.

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October Occurrences from The Blogging Goth

What I’ve done so far, and what’s yet to do, really deserves an update – so here’s a quick check-in from The Blogging Goth as I bounce from event to event in this most specific of seasons!

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Snapgoth: Pitchfork introduces ‘Goth’ filter for Facebook Camera

Ever wanted to look like archetypal goth Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure and owner of the world’s most untidy cat he keeps on his head? Now you can in true Snapchat style, thanks to a brand new feature on Facebook camera, introduced by Pitchfork magazine.

Accessible on the Facebook app for Android and iOS, the filter gives you Bob’s infamous exploding-dandelion hairdo, as well as panda eyeshadow and that classic smudged lipstick mouth with a dead-pale complexion.
Raise your eyebrows, and black tears trickle down your cheeks (a gift from hell for the DeviantArt crowd). Open your mouth, and bats hurtle out, like Pete Murphy with a Hunger hangover. A most suitable selfie for Samhain, some might say!

The Bob-ing Goth

Introduced in March of this year, Facebook’s camera feature is the latest idea poached from their partner Snapchat, with the added innovation of user and community designed filters.

Facebook also allows ‘Stories’ – 24-hour image diaries – to be posted to timelines, so expect your feed to be dominated by a terrifying tribute act of relatives slaughtering hits like ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and ‘Lovecats’ very soon.

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Goth City Festival 2017 – Interview with Joel Heyes

Halloween looms over us with an exciting and intimidating shadow, and the whole month of October has aptly been filled with festivals to warm even the darkest heart. I got in touch with Joel Heyes, svengali of the Leeds goth scene, to find out how preparation for the second Goth City Festival is progressing.
Goth City Festival 2017

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Infest – Sunday 27th August – Reviews


Sunday is the final day of Infest 2017. As with a lot of people, I feel the absence of our Master of Ceremonies, Tails, who sadly passed away. We celebrate in his honour with tea, cake, and a bit of Charleston! May you all raise a mug in his memory. I hope he looked on with approval as we then proceeded to get merry and listen to plenty of EBM on this last night of bands.

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