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Reformation: Rose Of Avalanche

It’s my delight to be conversing over email with founder guitarist Paul James Berry, bassist Allan Davis and guitarist Glenn Schultz, as they announce the return of Rose Of Avalanche at the leading UK alternative festival, Tomorrow’s Ghosts… Continue reading

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Whitby Ghosts: goth festival season

As Spring, and Easter, and all those sickeningly sweet signs of renewal come rolling round, it also heralds the arrival of ‘Whitby’, the generic term for a horde of Goths heading to the seaside for drinks, dancing and drama.  Continue reading

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Wayne Hussey: On Tour, On Writing and on Brexit

Wayne Hussey, lead singer and guitarist with The Mission, is making his way to Tomorrow’s Ghosts festival in Whitby on his SALAD DAZE tour – culminating in November of this year. The veteran rock’n’roll performer will make the festival the … Continue reading

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Whitby Spring: A Tale of Two Festivals

It’s just two months until various goth-themed celebrations begin in Whitby, and time to look ahead to what is happening and when. Continue reading

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Whitby Week!

It is Whitby week, as hordes of goths, punks, post-punks and those uncateogrized descend on the small North Yorkshire town for the biannual music festival. Continue reading

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