General Dejection 2019: Black and Blue UK

The Tory Party has claimed an additional 66 seats in the UK General Election, giving them a sizable majority and a seeming indictment of the British desire to “get on with Brexit”. Key Labour strongholds in the North succumbed to a blue tide that saw the opposition party suffer its worst election performance in decades.

In a parallel universe however, there was a rare display of Goth unity and the black clad put their vote in the red box en masse. Even the other left-wing, anti-Brexit parties like the Liberal Democrats and Greens lost supporters in droves to Labour.

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General Dejection 2019: The Velvet Vote

As the United Kingdom hobbles towards another General Election – our third in four years – I received some quiet inquiries about if I’d be asking readers how they’ll be voting.


I covered the 2015 Election, which ushered in a notable majority for the still-reigning Tory Party even though the goths voted overwhelmingly Green!
Then in 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May gambled on securing more authority in Parliament to push through legislation for Brexit, that ended up tumbling her party’s now slender grip. The vampire vote of British goths reflected the burgeoning prospects of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, tempting the “largely” leftish alternative group, as the party gained nearly thirty new seats.

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Salad Daze – the autobiography of Wayne Hussey

“After years and years of living with repression and religious guilt, I had finally shaken off those shackles to become the clichéd licentious, degenerate, promiscuous rock star – everything my mother had feared I’d become.”

I’ve met Wayne a couple of times now. Once all the way to Dublin to see them rehearse before touring in support of their last album, Another Fall from Grace. Wayne was a sedate, convivial host with a wicked sense of humour and a quiet core of confident self reliance.

To square that with the hell-raising front man of stadium touring goth rockers The Mission was a challenge. To imagine him at the right hand of Eldritch, crafting the rich riffs that define First and Last and Always, arguably the most iconic period of The Sisters Of Mercy, was nigh-on impossible.

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Whitby Festival Season – Winter 2019


Greetings to everyone attending Whitby Goth Weekend right now, and hello to everyone travelling down next weekend for Tomorrow’s Ghost Festival. Yes, we’re in the final throes of the great Whitby division, where the two competing events are occurring at separate times.
Next year, they’ll run side-by-side but from now until next Monday, goths will be heading to and leaving from the small seaside town that has become a major nexus of the UK scene.

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The Sisters of Mercy – Roundhouse, London, September 2019

Ever since the 2019 tour was announced, I’ve been suffering from a grim premonition about The Sisters of Mercy. Some gnawing suspicion that their touring days would soon come to an end. That I might not have a chance to see my favourite band perform live ever again…

Often, the Sisters have announced a short-notice gig in their spiritual home of Leeds under some hilarious nom de plume – my first encounter with them was in 2005 at the Joseph’s Well as Near Meth Experience. This time however, the ‘secret’ gig was in Antwerp! I realized it would be easier for me to reach the capital and so I set my sights on the Roundhouse in Camden for the 20th and 21st September.

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