What’s New in 2022? Vlogging, for a start…

I’m pleased to share with you all my first ever vlog. In it, I introduce myself (a goth, no wealth or taste), cast a wry eye back at #gothcore, and look ahead excitedly to some of the key events in the UK goth calendar for 2022.

I’ll be making videos side-by-side with long-form articles here on the site. If you’d like to support me, and be recognised for your contributions, why not consider joining me on Patreon where I continue to explore new ways of bringing content to you!

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Dark Wash Recycle – ‘gothcore’ and high fashion

Happy 2022 everyone! It’s been a while since the last update, but I’m resigned to see very little has changed.

I was delighted with the response to an idle Twitter thread where I excoriated an article in The Guardian for introducing the concept of ‘gothcore’. Essentially it’s celebs dabbling in corsets, boots and black tops and trying to pass it off as something new…

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Dune is (still) Star Wars for Goths

One of my earliest sci-fi experiences – before ever seeing a Star Wars or Star Trek film – was the infamous David Lynch-directed 1984 film adaptation ‘Dune’, of Frank Herbert’s 1965 epic novel. Whilst being far too young for this deeply disquieting and epically complex story, I was mesmerized by its scope, unearthliness and action – relative to the capabilities of the mid-Eighties special effects anyway. I am certain this went a long way to influencing me towards becoming The Blogging Goth I am today.

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Happy Festiween!

Welcome to the month-log celebration that is Halloween – from October 1st to 31st the world gets that little bit more spooky! Not to mention, crammed full of events for the discerning goth. I’m looking ahead to where I’ll be, and where I’d want to be if there was more than one of me!

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Trek Transylvania, and help drac-cats!

Some stereotypes are just true, and I am confident many of my readers are as passionate about cats as much as they are about the myth of Dracula! But how about long walks and healthy exercise in the shadow of the Count’s ancestral home?

The mountains of Transylvania
The mountains of Transylvania
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