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Coronation Street storyline features ‘hate crime’ attack on Goth character

Nina is a proud Goth, impeccably attired in Victorian, skull-motif and mourning-themed clothing with the recognizably stark, monochrome makeup that the subculture is associated with. Continue reading

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Homes for the Recently Deceased

From the moment you step through the glossy black front door of this unassuming home, you’ll be transported to a world of, uh, more glossy black furniture and fittings. And glossy black upright lounge casket of course, a real conversation piece for when friends come ’round to drink knock-off absinthe-flavoured alcopops and marathon the ‘Twilight’ films. Continue reading

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Storm Constantine, 1956 – 2021

A dark and creative author, and a notable member of the UK goth and alternative scene, many have been expressing their grief as well as their appreciation for the detailed mythical worlds she created Continue reading

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“Give Me Walls” by Cold in Berlin: Ten Years On

Cold in Berlin make hypnotic, spiky synth-backed bleak indie rock with mesmerizing and terrifying vocals that had me hooked from the start. Ten years ago today their debut album hit and this tireless band have been creating, performing and releasing ever since… Continue reading

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Floodland by The Sisters of Mercy

Whoever he is, whatever incarnation the Eldritch has assumed for this chapter of The Sisters of Mercy story, Floodland is his success story writ large. It isn’t the difficult and contested production of the debut album, nor is the uneven and anticlimatic ‘final’ release, Vision Thing. As discussed above, this album is a true conjunction of forces and circumstances that define Andrew Eldritch and therefore this band and this release. Continue reading

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