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Catching up with ‘Britain’s Biggest Goth’

It’s always random chance when the British media decides to cover goth. I was worried when I heard my friend Cinzia Bacilieri would be appearing on the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X – and even speaking to the Daily Mail, that dreaded heavyweight of caricature British extremism! Of course I shouldn’t have worried… Continue reading

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Whitby Gothic Festival – Halloween 2022

It’s that time of the year when goths begin rooting around in their cavernous wardrobes for their few remaining matching blacks, and disentagling their boot laces ahead of the journey to Whitby for the premier UK goth festival. Continue reading

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Goth City Festival VI: Interview with the Promoter

Forget the Batcave, Highgate or Camden Market, Leeds is going to embrace its dark heritage as the true capital of UK Goth with the welcome return of Goth City Festival
in just a few weeks time.

A smorgasbord of live music, DJs and traders catering to a vast influx of black-clad fans, it’s popular with old-school and bleeding-edge goths alike.
I dropped GCF Comandante Joel Heyes a line to chat about the event, as well as challenging some old-fashioned thinking in the scene! Continue reading

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Post-punk and Post-COVID: World Goth Day 2022

I really wanted to get an overall look at the UK Goth scene this year – with restrictions lifted, how was this long-lived music subculture rallying back? Continue reading

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Whitby Lowkey Weekend – April 2022

Strange times are these indeed. Despite official government guidelines giving the figurative green light to all and sundry events, the expected roaring return of the Goth Weekend to Whitby has ended up more of a tentative toe in the water. Continue reading

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