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World Goth Day: In the Shadow of CORVID-2020

You’d think being forced to stay indoors, hiding from the sun and shunning close contact with other humans would be pretty easy work for goths. In reality of course, we’re just as hungry for interaction as everyone else – so it’s a joy to concentrate on celebrating World Goth Day 2020 even if we’re restricted to only what we can experience through our screens. Continue reading

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Could you be in the Museum of Goth?

Now all the celebrations have ended and our hangovers have receded, it’s time to confront reality. 2019 is the fortieth anniversary of many goth origins, and so we must accept that this odd old scene of ours is a legitimate … Continue reading

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Wayne Hussey: On Tour, On Writing and on Brexit

Wayne Hussey, lead singer and guitarist with The Mission, is making his way to Tomorrow’s Ghosts festival in Whitby on his SALAD DAZE tour – culminating in November of this year. The veteran rock’n’roll performer will make the festival the … Continue reading

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The Cure’s Rob Smith ‘Not goth’ // Whitby Goth Weekend ‘Future in discussion’ – DREADLINES

Hello, I’m Tim Sinister with the dreadlines today. Robert Smith, crooner with original post-punk outfit The Cure, has been doing the rounds with various press outlets promoting his upcoming alt-rock extravaganza, the Meltdown festival in London. Time Out magazine pulled … Continue reading

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Subcultures, Self-Harm and Psychology

Moral panics have been around as long as there was some outside force to blame for ‘ruining children’ rather than ignorance, neglect or wilful bloody-mindedness. Three years ago I was talking to The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4, about … Continue reading

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