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The Vlogging Goth – Updates on YouTube

Good morning readers, and apologies for the lack of updates recently. I had a vague plan to update monthly if not more often, but between a new job and various home upgrades, not to mention the devastating effects of a … Continue reading

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Coming out of my grave and I’ve been doing just grim – World Goth Day 2021

We’ve survived obscurity, infighting and the monotonous breakups of multiple favourite bands. A little thing like a global pandemic cancelling all social events and travel on World Goth Day isn’t about to set us back anytime soon! Continue reading

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“Give Me Walls” by Cold in Berlin: Ten Years On

Cold in Berlin make hypnotic, spiky synth-backed bleak indie rock with mesmerizing and terrifying vocals that had me hooked from the start. Ten years ago today their debut album hit and this tireless band have been creating, performing and releasing ever since… Continue reading

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Floodland by The Sisters of Mercy

Whoever he is, whatever incarnation the Eldritch has assumed for this chapter of The Sisters of Mercy story, Floodland is his success story writ large. It isn’t the difficult and contested production of the debut album, nor is the uneven and anticlimatic ‘final’ release, Vision Thing. As discussed above, this album is a true conjunction of forces and circumstances that define Andrew Eldritch and therefore this band and this release. Continue reading

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Thirty Years and I Need More – Vision Thing 1990-2020

The thirtieth anniversary of the third and final album from The Sisters of Mercy passed quietly on the 22nd October. Sadly it’s the latest in a long line of dismissals for the outsider album that simply can’t compete with the icy arrogance of Floodland or the legendary goth-rock pioneer that was First and Last and Always. Continue reading

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