Journalism, Blogging, and the UK Goth Scene

Welcome to The Blogging Goth – relaunched here on WordPress as part of author and founder Tim Sinister’s Journalism degree project.

This blog was originally launched in August of last year on Tumblr, and the mission statement remains the same, namely:

…both to provide an unbiased news outlet for the Goth scene, and to present a unified, measured and sensible media presence when Goth seeps into the mainstream press – usually at a time when careful discussion of the facts is called for.

Coming up, we intend to publish a full audio-visual showcase of the Whitby Goth Weekend, talk to academics about the social study of Goth as a subculture, and investigate the effects of Government legislation on live music licences for small venues.

Along the way, the intention is to be both a resource and a point of contact for other journalists covering instances that involve or impact the Goth subculture, providing a sensible and measured response from someone fully embedded within this scene.

Bookmark this blog, and come back soon for updates!

About The Blogging Goth

News, reviews and other articles written from the UK Goth subculture
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