Whitby Goth Weekend – Spring 2015

968966_105017933042024_329924794_nOne of the most popular and visited topics on The Blogging Goth is Whitby Goth Weekend – especially when we share details of the dates! So we’re really happy to announce next year’s first installment of Whitby Goth Weekend will be held from Thursday 23rd April to Sunday 26th April.

That’s right – a four day weekend, which the organizers are planning to stuff full of bands, events, guests and celebrations of their 21st birthday. A very iconic age to reach for the legendary British festival! The Blogging Goth had to count pennies and only briefly visited this year, so we’ll hope to be on the ground and reporting from the snakebite-strewn streets in 2015!


No details are being released yet, and we believe Jo and all the Top Mum staff are guarding closely every exciting announcement until the last possible minute. We’ll do our best to tease any exclusives out of them – so watch this space!

Friday night crowds at the Spa - courtesy of Bob Slassor

Friday night crowds at the Spa – courtesy of Bob Slassor

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