Whitby April 2015 – Preparation

It’s been quiet recently, as The Blogging Goth has alternately gone on holiday, fallen ill, and been selected for a new job (in communications, naturally). Now, looming over the horizon is Whitby Gothic Weekend – April 2015!


A four-day double-strength bonanza of bands, to celebrate the world-famous festival’s twenty-first birthday!
To whet your appetite, you can watch a trailer featuring some of the most popular alternative bands out there, right here…

The Blogging Goth will be there, talking to the bands, the organizers, and of course yourselves – to see how people are finding the celebrations for twenty-one years of Whitby Goth Weekend!
In the meantime, we have some great articles planned that do what we always set out to do – report on the news that matters to the UK Goth Scene.

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News, reviews and other articles written from the UK Goth subculture
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2 Responses to Whitby April 2015 – Preparation

  1. kakuidori says:

    cant wait for the first whitby articles then to get in festival mood ❤


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