“Game Changers: The Reptile House EP”

The Sisters eclipse even Joy Division as The Blogging Goth’s primary muse. This is a proclamation in favour of their most standout EP, the legendary Reptile House.


the_reptile_house_epFor me, the Sisters of Mercy are one of THE goth bands, and it makes me chuckle inwardly when Eldritch, and Pete Murphy, try and distance themselves from a sound and an image they went to painstaking lengths to define and craft.

The Reptile House EP is a moody slab of uber-goth and is probably the crystallisation of Eldritch’s vision (the EP is allegedly pretty much an Eldritch solo work) and, being pre-Hussey, has no light side… in fact there is no glimmer of light in any of the 25 minutes – and it’s the better for it.

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  1. Von says:

    Actually, originally posted on Corehammer. 😉

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