Whitby Bands Poll: Result!

wayne-husseyWe let our recent competition to win two tickets to April’s Whitby Goth Weekend run on a little longer, hoping for a surefire winner to break ahead.
Except, our final poll ended up showing Wayne Hussey of The Mission and Therapy? – the headlining acts – drawing neck and neck at the final tally, with a healthy 25% of the total vote each!

Eighties rock chicks (We’ve got a) Fuzzbox (And We’re Gonna Use It!) took the next biggest share of votes (13%) from readers of The Blogging Goth, followed by Lene Lovich Band (9%) and then the other support bands battled viciously for the remainder.
If this indicates a preference for veteran bands over new, or if it just shows only fans of older bands are actually reading the blog, I’m not sure, but the facts indicate the line-up and running order is a solid hit with Whitby fans.

Congratulations to our competition winners, Rachel from Wishaw who wanted to see Wayne Hussey, and Elizabeth from Belfast who wanted to see Rhombus. They each won a ticket, and we look forward to running this competition again!therapyWhitby is of course this weekend – I’ll be heading down there this Thursday, and regular coverage will come through Twitter, Instagram and the Facebook pages.

I’m also delighted to inform you Whitby Goth Weekend are now retaining my services as a formal press officer, so expect closer coverage of the entire festival, including one-on-one interviews with the bands and unique backstage news, not to mention what I can pinch from riders.


Follow @WGWGothWeekend on Twitter, and the hashtag #WhitbyGothWeekend – #WGW refers to something mainstream I don’t understand and don’t wish to.

There is a vague plan to use the new video-streaming app Periscope to share some of Whitby Goth Weekend with you via your device. Simply install the free app and going looking for the originally-titled @TheBloggingGoth – I’ll walk around town, look at the Bazaar, stalk Goths, drink in the Spa and generally make a nuisance of myself whilst giving you a first-hand look at this most famous of Goth events.

Or just stroll up to me in the street, tell me you read the blog, and offer to buy me a drink!



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