The Addams Family – Animated Origins!


The Addams Family – Rebooted! Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, Link

The live-action movies of The Addams Family remain some of my most cherished films, with a stellar cast, superb writing and gorgeous, gloomy design. So I applaud the decision regarding the 2019 adaptation to steer clear of the established canon from the Paramount Pictures releases in the early Nineties.

Originally linked to goth-stereotype director Tim Burton and pitched as a stop-motion animation, the latest update is The Addams Family will instead be fully animated and released by MGM. The casting has now been announced, with a bevy of talented Hollywood A-list actors stepping into the roles.


It’s wonderfully close to the ideal, live-action pairing of Oscar Isaac and Eva Green which a few people have pointed out would be aesthetically perfect. At least the art style is linked more closely to original creator Charles Addams’ 1930s look.

Nevertheless, the raw talent in this cast is impressive, and the production team seem experienced – even if joint directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan are better for helming horrible success Sausage Party.
We also have Pamela Pettler, the screenwriter of Burton’s Corpse Bride and 9, joint-producing a screenplay that promises to show the fabled first meeting of Gomez and Morticia, and the beginnings of The Addams Family.  The proposed face-off with a pastel-obsessed reality TV show host seems to hearken back to Joan Cusack’s character Debbie from 1993’s Addams Family Values – not to mention a sly jab at reality TV show hosts in general, even those that have stumbled into higher office!

Indeed, it’s a franchise that can’t seem to be left alone, with studios attempting multiple times to resurrect America’s spookiest family – but time will tell if lightning has struck, or if they should be left to rot in the graveyards of our minds. Snap-snap! 

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  1. So it IS true! Don’t really know how I feel about it, but I will probably give it a shot.


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