Whitby Ghosts: goth festival season

As Spring, and Easter, and all those sickeningly sweet signs of renewal come rolling round, it also heralds the arrival of ‘Whitby’, the generic term for a horde of Goths heading to the seaside for drinks, dancing and drama.

Discussed in articles previously, there are now two major events scheduled for the biannual home of UK goth. Longstanding veterans Whitby Goth Weekend and eager new Tomorrow’s Ghosts have both promised events in North Yorkshire – but for the first time, have split the dates.


Top Mum Promotions have announced events and acts from Thursday 11th April to Sunday 14th April, including the renowned Bizarre Bazaar that sprawls across town with an array of artisan vendors!
The musical line-up leans very heavily towards the tribute end, with only Thursday’s Chasing Dragons being an original band, but all reports indicate WGW was immensely popular during the last event and I have personally enjoyed Siouxsie and the Budgies previously!

Even so, I’ll be planning to attend from 26th to 28th April, if not earlier and later, for Tomorrow’s Ghosts festival. Holding court in Whitby Pavilion, they’re delivering an impressive lineup of established acts and noticeable newcomers – expect to see me down the front for Saigon Blue Rain as well as The Chameleons.


Added to that are their own markets packed full to bursting with traders, plus unique opportunities to meet the starlets of Hammer Horror and listen to their experiences – plus the thoughts of a very well-known author of all things vampiric – at the Hammer Glamour event on Sunday 28th, hosted by none other than The Blogging Goth himself!

FC GothenheimOn top of all that, witness the first appearance of the charity football team with the post-punk soundtrack, it’s F.C. Gothenheim! Plunging into the fray with old villains Stokoemotive F.C., Gothenheim will step into the pitch-black boots of Real Gothic and continue the proud tradition of drinking heavily, heckling loudly and losing badly.

A firm favourite for a Whitby trip, I’m delighted to see some Sunday sportsballing, all for some very good causes – please support these brave, probably bonkers boys as they raise money whilst lowering expectations across the pitch.

Whitby of course remains a flash-point in the Goth scene, testing loyalties and provoking fallout whenever it’s brought up. Now the events have breathing distance from one another, it will be interesting to see how matters proceed after April. Both promoters have events scheduled for October / November of this year, and time will tell if the town – and the subculture – can sustain the demands on our time and money. See you out there!

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  1. Fred says:

    Is it easy to get to this event by train?

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