The Blogging Goth in conversation with The March Violets

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, well – first of all, thanks for sticking with it. I have a stubborn affection for the hellbird site since I remember it first coming out and being actually quite enjoyable. I’ve not yet been utterly burned by its slow but inevitable collapse… yet.

It’s where I convey the nearest mix of myself and the website, and where I promised to generate more video content this year. I feel it is a medium I absolutely had to have more presence in, and also where I enjoy working – I studied video production in my degree and although I’ve forgotten a fair bit, I can still slice, dice and stitch content together sufficiently enough I feel.

Without further ado, I’ll link you to my first video of 2023, an interview I did with the lovely folk in the March Violets – once labelmates with the legendary Sisters, and an ongoing force in the post-punk world. They kindly agreed to chat with me from their rehearsal/writing studios in Winterville, GA about the difficulties of line-up change, the drive to create new content, the concept of ‘legitimacy’ in goth music and much more.

I hope to bring you more interviews, and indeed more videos overall, in future!

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