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To everyone who has visited, read, shared and commented on our blog post about the Sandy Hook shootings, thankyou. 

The Blogging Goth was specifically set up to monitor and respond to reporting in the mainstream press on Goth – one of the most persistent, and most misunderstood subcultures. 

Inaccurate, lazy journalism is a frequent and depressing hallmark of the Goth subculture, which has seen tragedies both within and linked to our scene. 

The crucial act is to report as fairly and accurately as possible. The Daily Mail, and other publications both here within the UK and worldwide, chose a provocative headline without any basis. They shape opinion and sadly didn’t take any responsibility for this. 

We hope that we have taken greater care in researching and reporting this story to a greater degree. Your sharing is a crucial part of making another point of view heard in this terrible, sad affair that possibly has nothing to do with Goths and yet still has become shackled to us, due to a contemptible lack of strong journalism.

So thankyou for your sharing and commenting which we hope provides a voice for a subculture being mistakenly, and badly reported. 

I, the author of the blog, would love to respond to all of the intelligent and thoughtful comments received but sadly I’m currently on holiday with only a smartphone. In the new year I hope to reply to all the communications and expand this story with new information. 

From The Blogging Goth, thankyou for your contributions and all the best for 2013. 








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