The Guardian Article: “Attacks on Goths and Punks as hate crimes”

A victory for the Sophie Campaign has come with the news that Greater Manchester Police have chosen to include discrimination against Goths and other alternative subcultures as a Hate Crime.

Manchester police said the change would enable officers to give more support to victims of anti-punk or anti-Goth crime. But it won’t necessarily mean tougher sentences.

The article also acknowledges that it isn’t a national decision, but hopefully this – and other efforts, such as the research by Dr Hodkinson mentioned previously – will set a precedent for other Police forces to combat subculturally-motivated crime.

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2 Responses to The Guardian Article: “Attacks on Goths and Punks as hate crimes”

  1. andresavetier says:

    Thank you very much for this link. I have also heard of (and partly experienced on myself) such hate crimes around Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia). Since then I do not feel quite comfortable to be recognized as a goth in some cities. Your post inspired me to go deeper into this topic and try to evaluate the situation in Eastern Europe in an article.


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