The Blogging Goth ON The Huffington Post

Tim Sinister on The Huffington Post

A low-bandwith Tim Sinister – click to view video

The Pulitzer prize-winning website The Huffington Post maintains a far-ranging live video segment, and on Friday 30th decided that the Goth subculture should be the topic of the day. Still a bizarre cultural phenomena to Americans, the question started out as ‘what happened to Goth’ but inevitably morphed into ‘what got you into Goth’, or quite simply – ‘what IS Goth and do my kids worship the Devil now?’

Tim Sinister – founder and chief writer for The Blogging Goth – flew the flag for the English originators, in a twenty-minute video segment you can watch by clicking the above picture. He was joined by the lovely Jillian Venters, author of Gothic Charm School and the charming Ruby Holiday, Editor-in-Chief at Gothic Beauty Magazine – writers all!  Our thanks also to those in the studio, Ricky Camilleri and Lauren Anderson of Gothic Renaissance!

As enjoyable as it was, it didn’t last long enough and certainly broadcast a US-centric view of the Goth scene. Would you be interested in seeing more familiar English faces talking about alternative culture within Britain?

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2 Responses to The Blogging Goth ON The Huffington Post

  1. Jenna says:

    In answer to your question – yes!


  2. Kt Mehers says:

    Beautifully done this morning on radio 4.


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