Deadvertising: Goth Marketing 101



In an astonishingly lazy display of filling space, that eternal maw of dull list-articles and viral content that makes you feel infected – Buzzfeed – has recycled verbatim the contents of a Tumblr blog. It’s like the Ouroboros of pointless web garbage.

The Tumblr in question is GothScreenshots, which seems to address the aching loneliness of being a Goth by screenshotting empty inboxes, zero notification counts and other online indicators that prove being a Goth means A) only using social media and B) not using it to be social. Uh, we guess?

Being depressed is not the core of this subculture. If we were to screenshot The Blogging Goth’s news feed, you’d see picture after picture of happy, laughing, often drunken Goths and other like-minded people falling about crazily at things like Infest industrial music festival in Bradford. It’s just finished for 2014 – their 2015 early bird tickets sold out in less than 24 hours. But never mind, because the reality of being a Goth online is apparently moping about not having a relationship status.

The comments on the Buzzfeed article are spot on, and I salute each and every commentator. A loud opposition to counter these beliefs is important, so get to it each and every one! In the meantime, we came across a much nicer video from – where else? – Germany that warms the cockles of our cold, dead hearts *hand-staple-forehead*.

I think many of us could identify with the young lady in that video – and we’d LOVE to come home to a pitch black house like this one! If this girl has anything to be upset about, it’s the ostracism and opposition Goths can receive every day from colleagues, friends, family and even complete strangers. But that’s an older topic, and this should be a happier article – so enjoy some other examples of Goth advertising gone right. Or at least better.

If you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment below!

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