This Is The Week That Will Be

permanenceHappy Friday, everyone. Next week will be a full one, so make sure you’re following us on social media as we try and bring you a little closer to the events.

First off, we’ve finally confirmed transport and accommodation and The Blogging Goth will be at the legendary “So This Is Permanence” – Complete works of Joy Division by Peter Hook and the Light on Monday 22nd.
We’ll be arriving five minutes before the doors open – assuming all connecting trains are reliable – so it’ll be a helter-skelter ride. Keep an eye on our Twitter where we’ll be live-tweeting as best we can.
We’re gutted we can’t spend longer here, like visiting Ian’s memorial or attending any of the other events on the day, but The Blogging Goth has a full-time agency job he needs to get back to!

At the end of the week, May 22nd, it’s the annual World Goth Day celebrations! We’ve spoken to founder, DJ Cruel Britannia, in 2013 and we watched with wry amusement last year as the mainstream media grappled helplessly with the concept.

We’ll watch them do it again this year, but we’re also tempted to produce something of a resource for them so they aren’t completely fumbling in the dark – the intention of The Blogging Goth was always to be a contact and guide for journalists to ensure their articles aren’t full of half-remembered urban myths and internet stereotypes.
There will be a new page with a guide to Goth (in one blogger’s opinion!) and we always invite your feedback to ensure it’s accurate and amusing in equal measure. Watch this space.

Check the blog for ongoing coverage of World Goth Day, our roundup of the best and worst articles from the press, and the opportunity to share your events for celebrating on Friday 22nd. We’ll be at DARK NATION in Newcastle, doing everything that represents Goth to us – i.e. wearing sunglasses and drinking snakebite in a small bar after dark.

darknationFinally, you can now be a fan of The Blogging Goth on Facebook, and have your news feed supplemented with the stories and silly pictures that has been limited just to our exclusive Twitter followers.

Post on our wall, get into the conversation, share your content with us and help get even more pictures of Siouxsie and Bob Smith onto the internet.


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