Goth Election 2015: Green is the New Black

The United Kingdom has concluded its election, returning a Tory government with more seats than in the previous election. However, the Goth election returned nearly the same proportion of the votes for the Green Party!

300px-2003_peoples_republic_of_west_yorkshireThe long-established ‘home’ of UK Goth was Leeds, birthplace of definitive bands like The Sisters Of Mercy whose established left-wing socialist credentials in the Red North of the 1980s had Eldritch proclaim a ‘People’s Republic of West Yorkshire’. This has remained the go-to governmental structure for any authority-minded alternative ever since.

Now that the scene has come out so firmly in support of the Green Party, the temptation then is to secede, forming a Goth Republic around the single Green MP’s seat of Brighton Pavilion.
Still, Leeds has remained true to its Labour heritage, and even managed to retain – in Leeds Six, birthplace of the Sisters – one of the eight surviving Liberal Democrat MPs, Greg Mulholland. Trivia note, The Blogging Goth once spent a month and a half as a volunteer caseworker in Greg’s constituency office.

We decided to catch back up with Mark, our UKIP supporter and Rand, our Green supporter, to see how they’re feeling as the figures are confirmed.

TBG: Hi Mark. What’re your impressions of the election, and how do you feel UKIP performed?

MM: Hiya Tim, surprise result to say the least! The pollsters need to adapt, they were so out of kilter, except for Scotland.
I think that the SNP played a major part in the Tory victory, which will delight Sturgeon and the 45%, but majorly piss off two thirds of the rest of Blighty, myself included.

The SNP achieve a stunning victory with 56 MPs from 1.5 million votes, whilst UKIP and the Greens get around 4-5 million votes and 2 MPs – says it all really. The only light at the end of the tunnel is electoral reform will be firmly back on the agenda. I think by 2020 the Union may be bust.

TBG: How do you feel about Nigel having to resign after losing his seat?

MM: I’m happy he’s kept to his word. Obviously disappointed he’s lost, I think Parliament would have been a much more interesting place with him in it!

Then, we dropped a line to Rand Mann.

TBG: OK Rand, let’s get your impressions now the election has concluded – what’s the  reaction from a Green voter please?

RM: robmTBG: …

A reaction apparently being mirrored all across social media, as despite the excellent performance of the Green Party in votes cast, they have failed utterly to gain any purchase in the convoluted and sadistic British political system called First Past The Post.

The only consolation now is that another reign of power for the Tories might inspire even more of the bands that initiated the Goth scene in the first place.


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