General Dejection 2019: The Velvet Vote

As the United Kingdom hobbles towards another General Election – our third in four years – I received some quiet inquiries about if I’d be asking readers how they’ll be voting.


I covered the 2015 Election, which ushered in a notable majority for the still-reigning Tory Party even though the goths voted overwhelmingly Green!
Then in 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May gambled on securing more authority in Parliament to push through legislation for Brexit, that ended up tumbling her party’s now slender grip. The vampire vote of British goths reflected the burgeoning prospects of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, tempting the “largely” leftish alternative group, as the party gained nearly thirty new seats.

Once again we return to the polling booths in an attempt to shore up Boris Johnson’s Tory government, and give him the pipe dream that is a mandate for Brexit over a hostile parliament. There’s other issues as well, like the NHS and the climate emergency, but the UK’s proposed departure from the EU leads the way in key issues for voters.

So now I turn to my readers and ask them to pass judgment in advance, by casting their votes on our poll. It’s far from foolproof – I ask my international audience to forbear and let the experiment run unhindered. We’ll keep the polls open until midnight on Thursday, and announce the results on the auspicious date of Friday 13th December!


Finally, I reserve the right to walk softly and wield a big ban-hammer. Personal crusades, unnecessary venom, and the spouting of willful bullshit propaganda – from any angle – will be cracked down on.

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