General Dejection 2019: Black and Blue UK

The Tory Party has claimed an additional 66 seats in the UK General Election, giving them a sizable majority and a seeming indictment of the British desire to “get on with Brexit”. Key Labour strongholds in the North succumbed to a blue tide that saw the opposition party suffer its worst election performance in decades.

In a parallel universe however, there was a rare display of Goth unity and the black clad put their vote in the red box en masse. Even the other left-wing, anti-Brexit parties like the Liberal Democrats and Greens lost supporters in droves to Labour.

UK Goth Election 2019: Results

Interestingly, the Conservative vote remained stable since 2017, hovering just below 4%. It seems the biggest shifts of voting intentions amongst goths were redistributed around the left – confirming suspicions that the subculture holds broadly liberal views.

Equally telling was The Brexit Party receiving not a single vote. The single-issue fringe party, whose leader receives bizarrely prominent coverage in the British media, was equally devastated in the General Election.

UK Goth Election 2017: Results

Turnout for yesterday’s election was down a modest 1.5%, whilst the goths – given admittedly less voting time on this occasion! – turned out 23% less than in 2017.

Despite this the voting bloc coordinated in an unprecedented manner, supporting a party that has struggled with a divisive leader, poisonous accounts of antisemitism and a wavering position on the trigger topic of Brexit.

It feels more like a rejection of a government that routinely makes headlines for its ruthless economic cuts that their manifesto will only partially repair. Added to this are the perceptions of the Prime Minister as elitist, discriminatory and deceptive with several disastrous interviews and leaks over just the past few months.

Finally, despite his claims of wanting to lead a “United Britain”, there is no evidence of healing the massive divide that is exiting the EU. For a group of people with a tendency towards following bands and visiting European festivals, this new uncertainty over travel is a major source of concern. Not to mention the hostile atmosphere towards friends, colleagues and everyday people from across the EU who contribute to the nation but now feel abandoned and under threat.

These concerns however have been swept aside in a stunning victory for the Tories, leaving the goths’ choice Labour – and every other opposition party – in disarray.

Speaking personally, but probably echoing many others, UK goths are feeling alienated from the mainstream British population – even more so now than ever.

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