Whitby Goth Weekend Spring 2017: A Choice Selection…

Just a couple of days until we drive over to Whitby, North Yorkshire, for the Spring 2017 Whitby Goth Weekend! Now in its 23rd year this world-renowned festival continues to draw in crowds for music, dancing, drinking and people-watching. As always, I’ll be running social media during the event – both for myself and for my generous patrons within WGW itself.

A review of all the bands performing on Friday and Saturday night has been a staple of The Blogging Goth, but there are always so many fringe events – both official and unsanctioned! – that a quick summary of the events on offer seems wise.

Whitby Goth WeekendFirstly, of course, is the Spa, the beating (black) heart of WGW. Two nights, back to back, with a swathe of bands – four apiece –  from hungry young breaking talent, to titanic veteran performers, representing the entire breath of the alternative music scene. DJs close the night off with dancing until the wee hours!

Whitby Goth Weekend: Bizarre BazaarDuring the day, stock up on fashion, foods, and fancies from the famous Bizarre Bazaar. So big, it has spread across three separate venues, each one packed with stalls doing a roaring trade in the weird and wonderful!

There is no entrance fee to the bazaar – tickets only affect the band performances at the Spa Pavilion on the evening, so shop until you drop, then after a snooze (or booze!), trot back down for the evening’s entertainment!



Rising from the grave of good music comes the official WGW Eighties Night, to be held in the Theatre of the Spa! A classic tradition is to round the weekend off with the greatest cheese the decade can deliver, and you will not be disappointed with super-special guest DJ, the fabulous Martin Degville of Sigue Sigue Sputnik! Expect him to serve up a choice selection of Eighties gold into the small hours.

Spreading our net further, you can indulge in the official ‘Fringe’ events of Whitby Goth Weekend. Centered on the Abbey Wharfe pub in old Whitby town, there’s entertainment each night. Inaugurating events is the jam-packed Thursday night featuring members of WGW veteran band ‘Hands Off Gretel’ performing live, followed by guest DJs.

Throughout Whitby Goth Weekend there are dedicated nights with DJs, covering the Eighties, Goth, alternative, industrial, metal, glam, rock, punk, new wave… and each and every night is free entry, so if those Spa tickets were just too far out of reach, consider the economic entertainment on offer!

For discerning Goths looking to utterly stuff their calendars over the weekend, consider some of these independent events available as well. Dance to industrial down town with Bunker 13, enjoy a presentation on Bram Stoker from his great grandnephew, marvel at the custom hot rods and cheer on (or commiserate with, more likely) the UK’s only goth football team! Click their flyers to visit their social media and sign up today!

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