World Goth Day 2017 from The Blogging Goth

LeGoth is French for Goth! (Un)happy World Goth Day, darklings! We are in the thick of it on Facebook and Twitter today as the world takes a walk on the gloomier side.

There has been some great coverage from the media, like The Independent (who interviewed me last year and have quietly re-used my comments), and some cute coverage from The Telegraph who are basically posting someone’s Twitter thread and calling it an article – clever!


There’s also some rubbish from Metro, who are a part of the Daily Mail Group. I won’t be linking to them – if you want to know what the Daily Mail really thinks of Goths, I wrote an article in 2012 responding to their coverage of Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook tragedy. I won’t forget that in a hurry.

In stranger news, the UK qualifications board AQA decided today would be the perfect day to use one of my articles for use in the AS English Language exam. My Twitter is filling up with baffled students – the ‘bantz are legendary!

For a refresher, you can visit some of my previous articles published on World Goth Day and find out that, as Dr Catherine Spooner says, Goth is very much cyclical, including the media coverage!

I’ve even prepared a short soundtrack on Spotify with classic – and some new! – Goth tunes to keep you in the (sullen) mood. I hope you’re planning a Black Celebration today, let us know via #WorldGothDay or see if it’s on the list by clicking on the World Goth Day link below. But of course, to us, every day is Halloween…

And while you’re at it, remember to Register to Vote in the UK elections! The deadline is today!

World Goth Day

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  1. I think hat world goth day maybe a good thing because it’s been around for some time now. It may have different views and stigmas from past to present generations of goths. It can also have people interested in learning about the people that decided to become a part of the gothic community.

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