Storm Constantine, 1956 – 2021

It is with sadness we note the passing of author and publisher Storm Constantine, who passed away from a long illness on Thursday 14th January 2021.

A dark and creative author, and a notable member of the UK goth and alternative scene, many have been expressing their grief as well as their appreciation for the detailed mythical worlds she created. Her writing career truly began with the publication of The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit in 1987 – the beginning of the Wraeththu Series, a complex post-apocalyptic, alternate reality fantasy series. It would be revisited and explored in depth many times over the years since with further novels, anthologies and short stories set in the world for which she was best known.

In 2003 Constantine founded Immanion Press, a publishing house with the rights to her previous works (released through Tor in the US and MacDonald in the UK) which were becoming harder to access, as well as a lack of interested British publishers for her newer material of which she was a prolific producer.

As well as her own work Immanion Press published other authors, including most notably the equally creative and award-winning author Tanith Lee. Constantine worked as an editor throughout her life, in addition to her own writing, and even mentored many budding writers who began with fan-fiction set in her Wraeththu universe – with some having work published in anthologies and short story form through Immanion.
Additionally, Constantine was an experienced occult author with many non-fiction titles to her name and a fascination with Ancient Egypt as well.

Fans and friends have been paying their respects and sharing their memories online. World-famous fantasty author Neil Gaiman updated his Tumblr recalling his convention encounters with her, the respect both he and Terry Pratchett had for her work, and noting the world was a poorer place without her. On Facebook, goth scribe Mick Mercer, penned a brief but heartfelt goodbye to the author. Many more have been sharing their grief, memories and appreciation on Twitter.

Storm Constantine passed away at the age of 64 with her husband Jim Hibbert by her side.

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