Trek Transylvania, and help drac-cats!

Some stereotypes are just true, and I am confident many of my readers are as passionate about cats as much as they are about the myth of Dracula! But how about long walks and healthy exercise in the shadow of the Count’s ancestral home?

The mountains of Transylvania
The mountains of Transylvania

If you’re lucky enough to be in that group then you could be a prime candidate for a sponsored six-day hike across the Transylvanian region of Romania, home of the world’s most famous vampire! To raise money for needy kittens via Cats Protection, you’ll walk eight-hour days across the challenging peaks in the Brasov area that can rise up to 2,200 meters above sea level.

Castle Bran, Brasov, Romania

You’ll also get to visit Castle Bran, popularly linked to Bram Stoker’s infamous creation and a wonderful scenic gothic castle in its own right. There’s also a chance to visit King’s Rock National Park and perhaps meet the wild cousins of our household pets – the mighty Lynx! Experts here can tell you about their efforts to protect them and other wildlife that so vitally need our help, such as wolves and bears.

Having taken in the splendour of the Romanian landscape, experienced the dangerous delights of Castle Bran and conquered the physically-demanding route, you can return home knowing you have raised money for a vital cause as well!

With trekking of up to eight hours per day, participants will need to be fit and healthy and ideally have undertaken some training. If I had more time I’d love to go for something like this myself, so if you choose to undertake this odyssey in the name of our furry friends – please let The Blogging Goth know!

A Lynx cat

This trip is being organised for Cats Protection by Charity Challenge (ATOL 6546). Cats Protection is acting as an agent for Charity Challenge. To sign up to this event or to find out more, visit, call 01825 741 960 or email

Cats Protection doesn’t just care for homeless or abused cats, it provides education for cat owners, helps with treatment/neutering, campaigns for change on behalf of cats and even provides services for bereaved cat owners and those fleeing unsafe homes.

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  1. That’s a lovely and creative charity event. I would love to visit Romania some day to see all the castles and old world landscapes.

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