Happy Festiween!

Welcome to the month-log celebration that is Halloween – from October 1st to 31st the world gets that little bit more spooky! Not to mention, crammed full of events for the discerning goth. I’m looking ahead to where I’ll be, and where I’d want to be if there was more than one of me!

This very weekend, you are spoiled for choice in the North for events. The behemoth that is Carpe Noctum strikes back in Leeds, with its second gig and club night following the return from lockdown.

Meanwhile in Newcastle, Grindhouse Rock Nights gives the punters what they want with a resurrected night from the Eighties, Gearbox – promising an array of goth, alternative and yes, eighties music!

The fifth edition of the highly successful, scrappy underdog of the UK goth festival scene will sadly be the last, as Gothic Enemy No. 1 Joel Heyes steps back from the arduous task of promoting a multi-day event, to focus on his multitude of other creative projects – pumping fresh supplies of theatricality and revolutionary fervour into the scene.

It has a perfect line-up of hungry young bands and well-established veterans, and if it doesn’t pursue the golden-age arena-fillers of competitors in Whitby or London, then all the better – Goth City has persistently focused on a particular ‘vintage’ of bands that continues to satisfy fans and contribute to worthy causes as well.

So ensure you can say “I was there, at the end” and get along to Leeds for Goth City V: Video Nasty!

Over Morecambe way, the Corrosion group have had several successful festivals themselves, and this month they’re lining up their regular night Corrosion – I’ve heard good things about these promoters personally, so would love to visit sometime. Have you been?

I’ve equally never had the pleasure, but am pleased to see Liverpool setting up a regular goth night in the form of ‘Wasteland’! They’re even running a night over Halloween if you can’t make it to one of the big festivals. If you do go, let this blog know how it went!

Since taking over at the Pavilion in 2018, Absinthe Promotions have consistently put together a highly exciting event featuring an international roster of alternative acts both classic and cutting edge. They’ve backed it up with the always popular traders market during the day, and even some audience events with authors and actors from the horror genre – really, a full array of experiences that benefit the hordes of fans who besiege Whitby twice yearly.

This Halloween’s line-up has a fantastic combination of sounds from bands both world-renowed and just beginning, which is exactly what a canny promoter should be doing to ensure the scene continues to sustain and expand itself. Always a highlight of the goth year!

Longstanding promoters Top Mum have announced they will be holding events over the Halloween weekend as well, under the world-renowed banner of Whitby Goth Weekend. Their website has yet to be updated, but Facebook indicates DJs on several nights at the Abbey Wharfe venue. Shoppers will also delight to note the Bizarre Bazaar will return during the days!

Not to be outdone, the Marquis Masquerade event will run at the Metropole Hotel in Whitby over the same weekend, providing visitors with the usual broad choice of venues, gigs and cliques to frequent! A long-running presence on the often crowded calendar of this top-notch goth destination, the promoters have snagged some tempting bands to lure music fans in of an evening!

Finally, for the prudent goth with the energy to get up the 199 steps there’s a free event at Whitby Brewery, the second in the series from this canny venue. Featuring three bands with tonnes of energy, Goth At The Brewery will undoubtedly be a popular event, but space is at a premium – so turn up early for a spot!

That takes us up to the end of the spookiest month, liberally strewn with events to please the pickiest of goth. Where will you be heading? Have we missed anything out? Let us know in the comments, and as always – a Happy Halloween from The Blogging Goth!

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