Whitby Gothic Weekend 2014 – Dates Announced

Organisers of the most popular UK Goth Festival going have been in touch to advise us about next year’s dates – some of the most sought-after information in the Goth calendar. The festival’s founder and ongoing manager Jo Hampshire has also tantalised festival attendees by hinting at extended celebrations for the Twentieth Anniversary, which will fall on Halloween 2014!


Jo and her staff have hinted at a three to four night extravaganza with possible appearences by some of the most popular acts to have graced the little seaside town in years gone by. Falling on the weekend of 31st October 2014, nights of live bands and clubbing typically stretch from the Thursday to the Monday around the core two nights at the Pavilion Spa, although it’s rumoured this may be extended to accomodate even more bands!

We’ll be holding out for confirmation and more details, and of course we’ll break the news here. To register your interest, visit the Whitby Gothic Weekend facebook page and pitch in with the bands you’ve most enjoyed seeing. You might just hear them returning…

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3 Responses to Whitby Gothic Weekend 2014 – Dates Announced

  1. nice laydee says:

    That’ll be October 2014 not November then… 😉

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