NEW parody song from Whitby Goth Weekend

Another busy Whitby Goth Weekend has come to a finish, and whilst there we learned from Twitter that a new parody video was in the works. We at The Blogging Goth were very interested, as we helped on the technical side with 2012’s Whitby Gothic Style parody song, and we know Goths have the best sense of humour and often the best technology too! So check out the WGW #Selfie video, hot from the Alternative Model Contest 2014!

After cringing and laughing knowingly a bit, we got in touch with the Alt Model Contest organisers to find out more! Their statement said: 

All this talk of ‘Selfies’ lately from Hollywood Celebrities to anyone hoping to get a few likes on their Facebook page, had the team at the “Alternative Model of the Year” Competition thinking – and what they come up with was a goth style and rather tongue in cheek parody of the famous #Selfie track by the Chainsmokers, working alongside Cogwheel Films who produced and filmed the video. 
We also heard from organiser and founder of the Modelling Contest, Kieran Martin, who said:
This is our way of having a little fun, [and] showing that Goths aren’t all doom and gloom, and like to have a little fun… and of course in a light-hearted way [we’re] making fun of mainstream pop culture.
The Whitby Goth Weekend is sponsoring this year’s 2014 national auditions and this is our way to cross promote – we hope this video shows a younger side to the festival, the next generation of alternative subcultures.
As it was filmed almost entirely at Whitby Goth Weekend, we asked about one of the most noticeable features – the massive prevalence of photographers!
The song featured also made comedic references to the amount of photographers congregating during the weekend, in part the video is an ironic take on this.
There was some more knowing laughter, and we followed up on that – how were the ‘togs? Did they get the joke, mind the mocking, did they pitch in? 
There definitely was no shortage of photographers on the day wanting to snap a photo of the model featured, whilst filming that section of footage, all the photographers were really helpful and great to work with and we were delighted to include them in the video. 
Of course, if we may mention: the main reason of the video is to show a younger funkier Whitby and to show this music festival to all ages and isn’t restricted to the older fans of the bands, along with the festival being open to a wide range of subcultures. 
It’s interesting that the Alt-Model Contest are looking to highlight those attendees of WGW who don’t visit the Spa or see the bands – there’s long been a low-grade tension towards those who visit just for the costuming over the weekend. But we’ll cover that in another article!
We asked about participation – as it’s about #Selfies, those ubiquitous pouting and posed personal phone photographs, did they get plenty of submissions from people in the town?
We did also film people in Whitby on the day. The response from those participating was great, as everyone seemed really enthusiastic and up for being part of it.  
… the Selfies, which people later submitted via email as the number of pictures coming through was overwhelming. Over 250 selfies submitted and 180 featured, [but] unfortunately not all could make the edit. 
A great turn-out – I think #Selfie featured even more people than the group dancing at Whitby for Gothic Style! And it’s perfectly timed as well, coming straight out of WGW and at the same time as the song it’s parodying is still making waves in the charts. It’s perfectly targeted too, a knowingly-viral production with niche humour for the alternative scene mixed in with the mainstream comedy of the Selfie phenomenon. 
ImageAs stubborn opponents of most conventional social fads, we’re only vaguely familiar with the Selfie itself, so we asked for a bit of clarification from Anne Burns, PhD candidate at Loughborough University and academic researcher into the world of photography online. She’s been looking at the Selfie mania in particular, so she had the following to say on the Chainsmokers original first:
It’s oddly self-loathing, as well as selfie-loathing, as it’s both celebrating and condemning the figure of the selfie-taker. You have alongside the t-shirts of ‘Fuck Your #Selfie’, and the intentionally vapid and mean character of the lead female, there’s the curious presence of scores of genuine selfies – all of which act to contest the message the song itself is promoting. 
This just seems to confirm our usual disdain for whatever mainstream nonsense is making Buzzfeed headlines at the moment. What does she make of the Goth parody version?
[It’s] a much gentler affair – even though the lead female is still seen as vapid, talking of modelling and bitching about someone’s shoes, the content is a nod to Goth cliches, which is done with fondness, rather than disdain as in the original. The comment on “cobble and stilettos – are they trying to kill me?” will bring a smile to anyone’s face who has been to Whitby.
Likewise, the dilemma over two black eyeliners and a corset that might be ‘mainstream’ are gentle parodies of Goth culture, rather than outright mockery.
The selfie also plays less of a role here, as a symbol of negative ideas about identity – partly because other people are depicted doing it, so it’s not just her own flawed practice, but she’s also a much more likeable and amusing character, so what kind of photos she takes doesn’t immediately equate to being vapid.
We like Anne’s take on the video – and we agree, seeing it as a smarter, and funnier take on a rather crass original. We applaud the Alternative Model Contest 2014 and Cogwheel Films for creating this great little slice of internet comedy. 



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    I like this song so much that I would if possible to download it to my windows media player, is that possible

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