The 21st Whitby Goth Weekend: Final Prep


Mel's 'pointy-boot dilemma'

Mel’s ‘pointy-boot dilemma’ – How many is too many?

The length and breadth of the country, Goths are fighting with their luggage and squeezing in just one more long jacket or pair of boots. From Wednesday onwards, Whitby Goth Weekend will be celebrating its 21st birthday, with two extra nights of first-class alternative bands!

Here is a detailed itinerary produced by the WGW Team, featuring many of the fringe events as well as the bands – but remember, stage times are always flexible!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Vote for your favourite band below – we know, narrowing it down to just one is difficult! – and discuss the choices in the comments below.

Last year, Cogwheel films made the hilarious and popular parody music video ‘WGW #Selfie’ and they’re back, better than ever, with ‘Goths Just Wanna Have Fun’! Watch it below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Veteran DJ Martin Oldgoth is running nights that will bookend the festival, kicking off with Sanctuary (in aid of the very worthwhile S.O.P.H.I.E Foundation) and continuing to celebrate on Monday 27th with Restoration, the classic Goth night of Goth nights!


Unfortunately, The Shambles – venue for fringe events like Heavier than a Heavy Thing and The Legendary 80s Night – is out of action for this weekend. However, The Wellington has stepped into the breach and will be hosting one of the longest-running and popular events of the weekend – fear not, cheesy retro fans!

The infamous football match, which attracted even mainstream media attention last year, however inaccurately, will start an hour earlier on Sunday, so make sure you get down and get your tickets well in time!  wgwfootieThe Blogging Goth will be there from Thursday to Monday, and we’ll be doing our best to interview as many bands, WGW staff, and punters like yourself as we see in an amazing 21 years of the Whitby Goth Weekend. Have a great time and keep us followed on the blog and on Twitter!

The band lineup for WGW-1 in 1994

The band lineup for WGW-1 in 1994!

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3 Responses to The 21st Whitby Goth Weekend: Final Prep

  1. That video was filmed a bit disingenuously, some of us were only asked what 3 things we liked about WGW and not informed we’d be in a “hilarious” “parody” video on YouTube. 😦


  2. Schnauzevoll says:

    OMG that video, love it O_O one day i wanna go to wgw too :-O


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