Where were you when the Goths sacked Belfast?

W23-1001BSA few news organisations have run with the story that Belfast City Hall will reopen its doors, permitting the public to tour parts of the building on a weekend, after a ten year ‘blockade’ enforced by Goths.

Well possibly. In reality, nobody can remember exactly why the decision was made a decade ago, but the Councillor who has reversed the decision dredged up this gem;

“They [the goths] apparently behaved in a unruly fashion one day and thereafter the front door was closed…”

“I was told that they’d invaded and some had come in on skateboards, which may or may not be the case because I’m told skateboarders and goths don’t really mix.”

Well, quite. Unfortunately this scenario does seem likely; many city centres have a location where the disparate alternative tribes congregate – in my experience, it was the Corn Exchange in Leeds and Queens Gardens in Kingston-upon-Hull.

Bored teenagers with nothing better to do might well wander into a public building and, being teenagers, cause havoc. This is universal regardless of subcultural affiliation! Friends of The Blogging Goth living in Belfast have expressed surprise at the news however, as they were under the impression there were only four Goths in the whole city, and none of them bothered hanging around City Hall anymore.

We’re pleased to hear the decision to bar the doors against the barbarian invaders has been reversed, and we urge any of the alternatives tribes in the area not to endanger this fragile peace with the custodians of City Hall.


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2 Responses to Where were you when the Goths sacked Belfast?

  1. mr kim jennings says:

    It seems that some people are using the name of our Subculture as an alternative to yobbo, which is rather irritatating when one considers that most of us rebelled against punk to create Goth. On a lighter note using the word sacked makes us sound like employers.


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