August Activities – Hot Electronic Balls


A blind cat sees no new Sisters album

August remains ridiculously busy! I’m just back from a week’s holiday in Malta, where even the locals were commenting on how hot it was. It got to about 34°C, whereas I’m very accustomed to a climate in the mid-teens.
So that was a challenge, even if it was awash in glorious experiences like the 500,000 year old cave system Ghar Dalam, literally translated as “Cave of Darkness” – or the 5,000 year old Tarxian Temples – or diving in the warm Mediterranean. Throughout it all we enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of the Maltese. A delightful place that requires a return visit for all the places we missed.
I even maintained my goth cred as best I could and found some very friendly statues to pose with.

No rest for the wicked (and I am quite awful) because from Thursday sees the launch of the 20th anniversary of Infest – the premier UK festival for EBM, Industrial, Synthpop, Darkwave, Noise and anything else guaranteed to see you shake your glowsticks. For all I’m a crusty old trad, I have a streak of electronica running through my wizened soul, and you can read my reviews of Infest 2017 over here.

Infest 2018
This time it’s four nights crammed with a vast array of bands, so expect my reviews being trimmed down to the bare minimum. I’ll be trying to see as many artists as possible, plus dipping my toe into fringe activities like Laserquest, Bowling and Yoga! Plus the usual drinking, socializing, carousing and supplying a steady stream of memes to your good selves – all courtesy of the kind management of Infest.
If you see The Blogging Goth about, why not stop for a selfie?

Black Rose Ball 2018The very next weekend, I’ll be heading back to Yorkshire. I’m delighted to accept an invitation to attend from the organizers of the Black Rose Ball, a combined concert, market and elaborate masked ball in the gorgeous old city of York itself – and a key event supporting the worthy Sophie Lancaster Foundation charity.

I attended a few years back and found it a charming and individual event awash with dedicated guests who’d worked hard to look as fabulous as possible, and I’m very excited to be returning in order to produce a full review for my readers. In particular I’m looking forward to Friday night’s gig – I relish any opportunity to catch new bands in the goth/alternative scene, vivid evidence of the persistence of this weird subculture of ours!

I understand some tickets are still available so please look into joining us at this wonderfully romantic event.

The Memeing GothThroughout this activity I also have to find to train for the Great North Run, which I’ll be taking part in on September 9th, raising money for the very deserving Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter.

I have two rescue cats who are crucially important to me, and it’s a pleasure to support people who work hard with the most needy animals. It helps motivate me when I’m twelve kilometres into another muscle-shredding practice run!

Please give whatever you can on my JustGiving page, and I promise to keep it updated with the exploits of the world’s worst healthgoth!

That’s just the next month neatly covered. More events are bearing down on us as we finally drag our charred corpses into the welcome embrace of Autumn. Goth City Festival 2018, and the first ever Tomorrow’s Ghosts festival in Whitby are both looming on the horizon, and you’ll see me involved with both of them in one manner or another.
I feel like we’re experiencing a glorious (black) golden age of goth, especially in the North, with events everywhere for an enthusiastic crowd. Remember to get out there and check it out.

As always, thanks to my regular readers and welcome to the newcomers! Until next time…

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